How to Blur Photos on Mac OS X

How to Blur Photos on Mac OS X

When posting a lot of photos online there will be cases when you will want to blur certain parts of a photo in order to hide the identity of a certain person or create a cool looking depth of field effect. These are probably the most frequent scenarios when one might need to blur an image. As you can imagine, you will need a specialized app to do this. The first option that pops to mind would be Photoshop, but the problem with that tool is that it costs hundreds of dollars. And taking into account that you are probably not a professional graphics designer and you just need to occasionally blur some photos, then this kind of investment would not make sense. You probably just need an app that simply applies the blur effects that you want in a simple and straightforward way and does not require you to break the bank. Well, in that case, Photo Blur FX is probably the right app for you.

How do you blur faces?

The most common reason that you would need to blur a photo is to hide the identity of a person that does not want to appear in a picture that you want to post on your website or blog. Photo Blur FX does this in a very straightforward way. You just have to select the size of the circular area that will be blurred, the intensity of the blur effect and the position of the blurred circle. You can see the effects of your settings by looking at the image preview and when you are satisfied with the results just save your blurred photo and your are done. If you want to see how you can blur a person’s face using Photo Blur FX, just watch the video below:

How do you blur the background of a picture?

A more complicated blur effect that is used a lot these days is the focus blur or depth of field effect. Most of the low-end and mid-level digital cameras don’t have the capability to take such photos directly, but that does not mean that you cannot apply the focus blur effect afterwards, on your desktop, using the right app. If you want to learn how to apply the depth of field effect to your photos using Photo Blur FX, just watch the video below:

Blur photos with ease on macOS

So if you are looking for a macOS app that can help you blur photos in just a few easy steps and also has a reasonable price then look no further. Purchase Photo Blur FX today for only $2.99 and you get an app that is both powerful and easy to use. You will also get various blur effects like Gaussian Blur, Tilt Shift Blur, Motion Blur and Zoom Blur that will help you take your photos to the next level.

How to Remove Pimples and Blemish from Photos on Mac OS X

How to Remove Pimples and Blemish from Photos on Mac OS X

Most of the photos that we take nowadays are either portraits or selfies. And I think that I speak for everyone when I say that most of those photos are far from perfect. I mean unless you are wearing some kind of makeup there will definitely be some imperfections like pimples, moles or blemish on your face. A solution would be to put on makeup every time you take a photo of yourself but I think that is not ideal for most people. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of apps out there that can remove such face imperfections. Today I will be talking about an app called Perfect Face, that works on both iOS and macOS and provides you with all the tools you require to remove the pimples and blemish from your photos.

Pimple and blemish remover app for iOS and macOS

The way Perfect Face works is extremely simple and thus it is an app that can be used by both advanced and unexperienced users. All you have to do to remove pimples, moles and blemish from your photo is to tap/click on the area that you want cleaned. Perfect Face uses an advanced algorithm that detects face imperfections and replaces them with the face color identified around them. This leads to incredible results as you can see in the video below:

Perfect Face lets you zoom in on the area that you want to edit and also allows you to undo/redo your edits. You can also modify the size of the edit area and the sensitivity of the face imperfections detection algorithm. So, as you can see, Perfect Face offers a lot of useful features that will make the life of all those selfie lovers out there a lot easier.

Selfie editor

So if you are the kind of person that takes a lot of selfie and portrait photos then Perfect Face is an app that should not be missing from your toolbox. Designed for both mobile devices and desktop systems, it offers a lot of powerful tools that will clear all the pimples and moles from your photos. So purchase Perfect Face today for only $0.99 (iOS) / $4.99 (macOS) and take your Facebook and Instagram photos to the next level.

How to Find & Delete Duplicate Images on Mac OS X

How to Find & Delete Duplicate Images on Mac OS X

The latest advances in technology have made it possible for each of us to have a powerful digital camera in our pocket at any given time. This gives us the opportunity to take lots and lots of photos. But this ‘point and shoot’ style of taking photos will fill your hard drive with photos very fast. And the worst part is that most of those photos are useless and you will never end up using them, so they just lay around taking up valuable disk space.

Finding a solution for such an unpleasant situation is not straightforward because you cannot automatically remove photos without informing the user first and you also cannot ask the user to go through thousands of photos and choose the ones he wants to delete because that would be far too tedious. But if we look closer at the issue we realize that there are two cases in which the user might want to remove a set of photos from his hard drive. First of all, the user will definitely want to remove the duplicate photos, because, usually, there is not point in keeping the same photo in two different locations on your drive. The second case is related to the situation when the user has a lot of very similar photos but, of course, he only uses one of those photos and the others just end up laying around. It is safe to say that, in this scenario, the user will probably want to remove all the other similar photos and only keep the one useful to him.

As I’ve pointed out earlier, manually going through every photo on your hard drive in order to find the duplicate or similar ones can be an overwhelming task. This is where Image Cleaner comes in with its powerful similar image detection algorithm which will find all the duplicate or similar photos on your hard drive with a very high degree of accuracy. But finding the duplicate photos is just the first step of the process. Now you have to select the ones that you want to remove. Luckily for you, Image Cleaner makes this process very simple.

How do I delete duplicate photos on my Mac?

Once Image Cleaner has finished scanning your hard drive for similar image files, it will display a window with a list of images for which duplicates have been found. Selecting an image from the list will neatly display all the images similar to it as thumbnails so they can can easily be marked for deletion. Selection of the duplicate or similar images can be done either manually or automatically. After your selection is complete you just have to press the Clean button and all your duplicate and similar photos will be either moved to Trash or permanently removed from your hard drive, depending on your preference. But for a more detailed tutorial on how to find and delete duplicate images on Mac OS X please see the video below:

Powerful duplicate photo remover for macOS

If you are a passionate photographer and you like taking a lot of photos then you definitely need an app like Image Cleaner that can help you clean up your photo library and save a lot of valuable disk space. Its friendly user interface and powerful image scanning engine make this app an invaluable tool for anyone with a large image collection. So purchase Image Cleaner today for only $4.99 and you will never have to worry about duplicate photos again.

How to Batch Resize Pictures on Mac OS X

How to Batch Resize Pictures on Mac OS X

We are living in a digital era and all the photos that we take nowadays are stored in a digital format. This allows you to store thousands of images on a device that can easily fit in your pocket. But maybe the biggest advantage of having your pictures in a digital format is that you can easily edit them. The most common edit that is usually applied to a photo is the resize operation. That is because our digital cameras take photos at resolutions that are too high for everyday tasks like posting on a website or sending via email. Hence, the need to resize pictures to a resolution that suits our needs arises.

There are a lot of macOS apps out there that allow you to resize pictures, but most of them only let you resize one image at a time, which can be very time-consuming if you are dealing with a lot of images. For such a task you will need a batch image resizer tool that will give you the possibility to resize hundreds or even thousands of images in a single processing session. You are probably wondering if such a macOS app exists. Well, it does and its name is ImageSize. In this article I will present to you the many features of this app and what it can do to make your life a lot easier when it comes to resizing photos.

How do I reduce the size of a picture on a Mac?

Let us consider the following scenario that I am sure a lot of you are very familiar with. You need a cool photo for your blog post so you search your photo collection and you find the perfect one, but when you post it online you realize that it is too large and it does not fit well in your blog’s page design. So you have to reduce its size. This is where ImageSize comes in with its friendly user interface and powerful image resize engine.

Choose the image that you want to resize, select the Free Resize and Pixels options and input the new width and height of your image. Once you are satisfied with your settings, choose the Format and Output Folder of your resized image and press the Resize Images button. So, as you can see, with ImageSize you can resize your photo in just a few seconds.

How to resize multiple images at once in Mac OS

But what happens when you have to resize a thousand images instead of one? ImageSize is the best macOS app out there for such a task. Select the photos that you want to resize, input the new width and height using pixels or percents, choose the format and output folder of your resized photos and you’re done. Resize all your photos in just three easy steps. If you want to see how to batch resize pictures on macOS, take a look at the video below:

Powerful image resizer for macOS

Suited for both professional photographers that resize hundreds of photos on a daily basis and simple macOS users that need to resize an image or two once in a while, ImageSize is the best solution on the macOS market for resizing images. It is worth mentioning that the app can also batch convert and rename image files so you can use it to give meaningful names to your images in order for them to be easier to find. So purchase this powerful image resizer today for only $3.99 and improve your productivity when it comes to resizing photos.

How to Crop an Image on Mac OS X

How to Crop an Image on Mac OS X

If you are the administrator of a website or blog that posts a lot of images, then you know very well that there are times when you need to crop your images to a specific aspect ratio before posting them so that they can integrate well with the overall design. Cropping a hundred images to a 1:1 aspect ratio using a basic image editor can be quite a tedious task because you will need to calculate the coordinates and size of the crop rectangle manually for each image. If you find yourself in such a situation, then Image Crop is the tool you are looking for. But let us go into more detail and see what this app can offer.

How do you crop an image on a Mac?

Cropping an image on your Mac using Image Crop is quite easy. You just have to choose the desired image, select to Custom Crop your image using Pixels and define the coordinates and dimensions of the crop rectangle. You can see the results of your settings in real time in the crop preview. Once you are satisfied with your crop selection, choose the Format and Output Folder of your cropped image and press the Crop Images button. You can also automatically crop your image to a standard aspect ratio like 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9 by selecting the Auto Crop option. So, as you can see, Image Crop is a very versatile and powerful tool for cropping individual images. But Image Crop can do a lot more than this.

How to batch crop images on a Mac

All the operations described above can be applied to an entire batch of images. This is where Image Crop shows its full power. You can crop thousands of images for your website gallery in just a few seconds. Check out the video below to see Image Crop at work:

But what happens if you want to crop images that have different dimensions? Image Crop has a solution for that too and it lets you define the crop rectangle in Percents relative to the width and height of the original image. This way, batch cropping your images will be easier than ever.

Powerful image cropper for macOS

So if you need to crop images on a regular basis and you are looking for a powerful tool that does that and also offers support for batch processing, then you should look no further. Image Crop is the right app for you. With a simple and easy to understand user interface, a powerful and accurate engine and an unbeatable price of only $3.99, Image Crop is a macOS application that everyone should have in their toolbox. As a bonus, the app can also batch convert and rename image files so you can use it to give meaningful names to your images in order for them to be easier to find. So purchase Image Crop today and improve your productivity when it comes to cropping images.

How to Make an Icon for Your iOS or macOS App

How to Make an Icon for Your iOS or macOS App

When creating a macOS or iOS app a very important part of the process is the actual coding of the application but once that is completed an almost equally important task arises: designing the graphics of your app. An app can have a great engine but without some gorgeous graphics nobody will want to buy it. Nowadays the graphical design of an app is equally important to the way it works. So for this you will need to hire a graphics designer which will cost a lot of money and a lot of time wasted on your part trying to explain to him the design you want for your app icon and graphics. But that is not the only way. In this article I will be talking about how this simple yet powerful macOS app can make your life a lot easier when it comes to generating icons and graphics for your iOS and macOS apps.

How do I create an icon on my Mac?

Maybe the most important part of the graphical design of an app is its icon. This is the first thing that a potential customer sees and it must create a big impact. It must be pleasant on the eye but it also has to accurately depict the entire functionality of the app. For this you will need a powerful tool that lets you adjust even the smallest details of your icon. Icon Plus is such a tool. It basically allows you to select any image on hard drive and provides you with the tools you need to turn this image into the perfect icon.

Let’s say for example that you need to create an icon for a macOS app called Diet Tracker. You would need to select a background color and shape for your icon, maybe add a border and some shadow and you would also need to be able to position the central image of your icon with accuracy. Icon Plus lets you do all that and more as you can see in the video below:

But maybe you need an icon for an iOS app, which is a bit different from the icon of a macOS app. The icons of iOS apps are usually square, they use a color gradient as a background and have a flat design. Icon Plus can handle all these requirements with ease as you can see in the video below:

How do I create a logo on my Mac?

There are other graphic elements that you may want to create in addition to the app icon. For example you may need to create a product logo that you can display on your website or use it in ads on other websites. If that is the case, then you are in luck because Icon Plus can also help you create beautiful logos for your iOS or macOS apps. Check out the video below that shows how you can create a stunning logo design in less than two minutes:

How to generate correctly resized iOS app icons

If you are an iOS developer then you know very well that Apple’s XCode requires you to provide the app icon in certain sizes. Manually resizing your app icon so that you can cover all the sizes that Apple requires can be a tedious and time consuming task. Luckily for you, Icon Plus does that automatically every time you export your icon, as you can see the videos above. But maybe you already have an icon and you just want to generate all the required sizes without modifying the design in any way. No problem. Icon Plus can also act as a simple icon resizer if that is what you need. Simply load your icon in Icon Plus and export it in all the sizes that XCode requires.

Powerful iOS and macOS app icon generator

So if you are looking for a reliable app that can help you generate your iOS or macOS app icons and graphics but you do not want to break the bank for this, then Icon Plus is the perfect solution for you. With a simple and intuitive user interface and a powerful graphics engine, Icon Plus will enable you to create both iOS and macOS icons with ease. You can also resize existing icons and create stunning logo designs in just a matter of seconds with this powerful graphics generator. So purchase Icon Plus today and for only $4.99 you will never need to hire a graphics designer again.