Watermark, Rotate, Scale and Adjust your Videos with Video Plus

Fine-tune your videos with ease
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Video Plus
Video Editor Mac


• Brightness (make your video darker or brighter)
• Exposure (change the exposure of your video)
• Contrast (change the contrast of your video)
• Saturation (increase or decrease the saturation level of your video)
• Gamma (change the gamma of your video)
• Hue (change the hue of your video)

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Mac Video Editing Software


• Black & White (makes your video black and white)
• Sepia (makes your video look old)
• Cartoon (makes your video look like a cartoon)
• Oil Painting (makes your video look like an oil painting in motion)
• Vignette (makes your video darker around the edges)

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Edit Video Mac


• Standard Blur (applies a standard blur effect to your video)
• Focus Blur (applies a blur effect on the outer regions of your video bringing the center in focus)
• Motion Blur (applies a blur effect that gives your video the impression of movement)
• Zoom Blur (applies a blur effect that gives your video a zoom motion)

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Rotate Video Mac


• 3-D Transformation (including move, scale, rotate)
• Swirl (applies a swirl effect in the center of your video)
• Glass Sphere (projects your video on a glass sphere)

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Watermark Video Mac


• Text Watermark (applies a text watermark on the video)
• Logo Watermark (applies an image watermark on the video)
• Position watermark with precision using horizontal and vertical offsets

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