Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Clean your hard drive with ease
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Duplicate File Doctor
Duplicate File Finder

Select Folders

• Select the folder(s) that you want to scan for duplicate files
• Set a minimum and maximum file size
• Scan all file types or define a custom list of file types
• Move duplicate files to trash or remove them permanently
• Find duplicate bundles or packages or ignore them

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Duplicate File Remover

Fast Detection Algorithm

• Lightning fast algorithm for detecting duplicate files
• Detect duplicate files with very high accuracy
• Real-time progress indicators

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Find Duplicate Files

Select Duplicates

• User-friendly interface for selecting duplicates
• Automatically select duplicate files
• Incorrect selection is highlighted accordingly
• Real-time indicator of the saved disk space
• Instantly move to trash/remove the selected duplicates

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Remove Duplicate Files

File Categories

• Duplicate files are automatically grouped in the following categories: Pictures, Music, Movies, Archives and Documents
• Each category will have a percentage indicating how much disk space the files in that category are taking up
• Only files from the currently selected categories are displayed

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